Agenda and Minutes

The Board of Trustees meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:30 AM at the Kennebec Water District business office on Cool Street in Waterville. Public participation is encouraged. The meeting minutes from our meetings are posted below. We do our best to post minutes as soon as they are available.


Please click here for the agenda for the upcoming meeting (typically posted a couple of days before the meeting).


January January 3 Minutes,  January 17 Minutes
February February 7 Minutes, February 21 Minutes
March March 7 Minutes, March 21 Minutes
April April 4 Minutes, April 18 Minutes
May May 2 Minutes, May 16 Minutes
June June 6 Minutes
July July 18 Minutes
August August 1 Minutes, August 15 Minutes
September September 5 Minutes, September 19 Minutes
October October 3 Minutes, October 17 Minutes
January January 4th Minutes, January 18th Minutes
February February 1 Minutes, February 15 Minutes
March March 1 Minutes, March 15 Minutes
April April 5 Minutes, April 19 Minutes
May May 3 Minutes, May 17 Minutes
June June 7 Minutes, June 21 Minutes
July July 19 Minutes
August August 16 Minutes
September September 6 Minutes, September 20 Minutes
October October 4 Minutes, October 18 Minutes
November November 1 Minutes, November 15 Minutes
December December 6 Minutes, December 20 Minutes
January January 5th Minutes, January 19th Minutes
February February 2nd Minutes 
March March 2nd MinutesMarch 16th Minutes
April April 6th MinutesApril 20th Minutes
May May 4th MinutesMay 18th Minutes
June June 1st Minutes, June 15th Minutes 
July July 6th Minutes, July 20 2017 
August August 3rd Minutes
September September 7th Minutes, September 21st Minutes
October October 5th Minutes, October 19th Minutes
November November 2nd Minutes, November 16th Minutes
December December 7th Minutes, December 21st Minutes
January January 7th Minutes, January 21st Minutes
February February 4th Minutes, February 18th Minutes
March March 3rd Minutes, March 17th Minutes
April April 7th Minutes, April 21st Minutes
May May 5th Minutes, May 19th Minutes
June  June 2nd Minutes, June 16th Minutes
July July 7th Minutes, July 21st Minutes
August August 4th Minutes
September September 1st Minutes, September 15th Minutes 
October October 6th Minutes, October 20th Minutes
November November 3rd Minutes, November 17th Minutes
December December 1st Minutes, December 15th Minutes