Vision Statement


The Kennebec Water District (KWD), a quasi-municipal entity, is recognized as a premier public water utility. Our ongoing mission is to produce and distribute safe, high quality water for domestic and commercial uses and fire protection in ample quantity in an economical, professional and consumer oriented manner. Water quality meets or exceeds all federal and state regulatory standards.

KWD maintains well-funded capital improvement programs and operations and maintenance programs. KWD minimizes vulnerabilities in its system through redundancy in facilities, equipment, and operational procedures.   

KWD maintains overall financial stability through adherence to sound budgeting principles and prudent short and long term financing objectives.

KWD is recognized as a concerned environmental steward. KWD consistently seeks methods to add energy efficiency to its operations.  

KWD trustees and employees maintain open communication among customers, employees, trustees, municipalities and municipal departments and other public or private entities with a goal of proactive interactions. KWD provides readily accessible public information to customers and interested parties through multi-faceted communications. Our informational and educational programs provide an exceptional resource for schools, utilities, and regulatory bodies.

KWD, in conjunction with other stakeholders, has preserved and protected China Lake and continues to improve the quality of this source water through an active, integrated watershed management program. This program involves best management practices including protecting critical watershed areas through purchase or other means.    

KWD promotes a safe work environment for all employees and provides the facilities necessary for an efficient employee and customer-oriented operation. Professional, highly skilled employees utilize state of the art facilities and equipment to maintain a proactive operation which is a model for other water utilities and public agencies.  Employees receive cross training throughout District operations with a goal of increasing personal and organizational value and effectiveness.  

KWD proactively initiates and impacts legislation and regulations that affect water utilities. The trustees and employees are encouraged to regularly interact locally, regionally and nationally with other organizations.  KWD continues to promote cooperative regional approaches to add efficiency and effectiveness to its own operations.

Having attracted qualified and motivated individuals, the Board of Trustees of the Kennebec Water District has successfully transitioned to a highly cooperative, effective, elective body by developing and communicating clear policies with KWD management. Trustees act in the overall best interest of all KWD ratepayers. Trustees and employees are satisfied and proud of their accomplishments, and morale within the organization remains high.