Pay Your Bill


The Kennebec Water District (KWD) is now offering an online payment option. If you are a KWD customer, you can make payments on your account online with VISA or MasterCard. Payment processing will occur through the site for a company called Transfirst operated in conjunction with KWD’s bank, Bangor Savings Bank. Customers will be transferred from this KWD website to a secure Transfirst payment site to enter specific payment information.

If there is any reason, including the restrictions mentioned below, that you can’t use the online credit card payment option, KWD continues to offer several other payment methods. Payments can be made in person at the KWD business office at 6 Cool Street in Waterville with cash, checks, and VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards. VISA and MasterCard payments can be made via phone during regular business hours. Payments can also be sent by mail (PO Box 356, Waterville, Maine 04903-0356) or placed in the drop box at the Employee Entrance side door on the south end of the 6 Cool Street business office after regular business hours.

Important considerations:

  • KWD accepts only VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards. KWD does not accept Discover, American Express or other cards as payment options. KWD will decline any credit card payments other than VISA and MasterCard.
  • KWD at this time is not accepting online check payments. Online payments via checks with routing information would take 4 to 5 business days before the funds were transferred to KWD and those funds could be posted to the appropriate account. At this time we feel that delay would have the potential to be a disservice to our customers and result in unnecessary problems.
  • It is very important that you include the KWD Account number from the bill you are paying. If the Account number is incorrect, your payment may go toward someone else’s account. If you have more than one property, you must enter payments individually by property. Please make sure the account number you are entering matches the property location for which you intend to make payment. A credit card billing address may be different than the address of the property being paid. You will be asked to include the billing address for your credit card on the payment page.
  • Please note that online credit card payments are posted to your account on the next business day.
  • For proof of payment, make sure that you print out or save a receipt when making a payment online. Receipts will be sent to your email account as entered on the payment page.
  • Online payments are limited to a maximum of $300 per transaction. This maximum is in place to limit liability and maintain account protections. You can make multiple online payments of $300 or less on one account to pay a bill exceeding $300. You may also use one of the other payment options described above.
  • The payment site is hosted by Transfirst and is protected by that company’s and Bangor Savings Bank’s security protocols. In addition, KWD is required to adopt PCI compliance standards and is regulated in all its customer dealings by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Considerations regarding payments related to service disconnected for non-payment of bills

Payments to correct a situation in which your service has been disconnected under the policies of the District may be made using the online payment system. Be aware that if you are making this payment after hours with the intent of getting your service restored outside of normal business hours, you must have a valid printed receipt of the online payment to present to KWD customer service personnel. Without this payment verification, your service will not be restored until the payment has actually been posted and sent to our business office, normally the next business day.

Note: Depending on circumstances, we may choose to wait until the next business day until we actually restore service. You will be informed of this when you contact our personnel for service restoration. Please keep in mind that an after hour service restoration carries a charge of $100 while service restoration during regular hours costs only $40.