Prepare for Your Service Appointment


Prepare for Your Kennebec Water District Service Appointment

  1. The Kennebec Water District (KWD) requires the customer to provide an authorized adult to escort KWD personnel throughout the premises as needed.  This authorized adult must be on premises during the entire appointment.

  2. Please make sure KWD personnel have clear access to the plumbing and/or fixtures your appointment pertains to.  This includes but not limited to…

    a) Clearing snow and ice from driveways and walkways.

    b) Moving furniture and other items to allow clear passage to the meter, meter wire, and backflow prevention device.

    c) Providing adequate room for the technicians to use wrenches and other tools to perform their tasks.

    d) We love animals, but please keep pets away during the appointment.

  3. KWD personnel cannot enter confined spaces, such as meter pits and crawl spaces, due to safety hazards defined by OSHA and Department of Labor regulations.

  4. Proper stairways must be in place with no missing steps.  Ladders are neither an acceptable means of access, nor a replacement for a proper stairway.

  5. KWD personnel will not access rooms with standing water or uncovered electrical panels due to the risk of shock or electrocution.
Typical Installation