System Facts


Communities Served: Waterville, Winslow, Fairfield, Vassalboro, Benton, Oakland

Population Served: 22,500

Ownership: Quasi-municipal

Personnel: 25


Cost to customer per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons): $1.63

Price per gallon: 0.2 cents, $0.002

Funding Sources for Operations: User fees though rates

Fiscal year: January 1 to December 31

Total water revenues (2016): $5,058,000


Number of pumping stations: 4

Number of water storage facilities: 6

Number of hydrants: 634

Number of active services: 7967

Miles of main: 172.05

Sizes of main: 2″ – 36″

Storage facility capacity: 14.9 million gallons total

2nd Rangeway Tank: Steel 0.90 million gallons

Ridge Road Reservoir Tanks (2): Concrete 6.0 million gallons each

Treatment Plant Clearwells (2): Concrete 1 million gallons each


Watershed Lands: 32 square miles

Raw Water Source: China Lake

China Lake capacity: 31.7 billion gallons

China Lake surface area: 6.1 square miles

Maximum/mean depth: 85 feet/ 28 feet

Annual flushing rate: ~30%

Average yearly precipitation: 42 inches

Average yearly KWD demand: 981,620,000

Average daily KWD demand: 2.68 million gallons


Treatment plant operations began: August 1993

Control system used: SCADA-Turbitrol CPC Microfloc

Chemicals used: Aluminum Sulfate; Hydrochloric acid; Cationic polymer; Sodium hypochlorite; Hydrofluosilicic acid; Polyphosphate; Sodium hydroxide

Clarification process: Upflow – solids – contact

Filtration process: Conventional high rate

Filter media: Granular activated carbon Mixed media

Disinfection process: Sodium Hypochlorite

Disinfection application: Post filtration/clearwell

Sludge collection method: Recycle lagoon

Sludge dewatering method: Air dry and freeze/thaw

Sludge disposal method: Landfill