• Maine Drinking Water Program
    The State of Maine Drinking Water Program is the regulatory body for all public drinking water regulation in the state. The DWP implements and enforces regulations that have been promulgated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and focuses on the protection of public water supplies throughout the state. The site contains much useful information on regulation, operations, training, and other related issues.
  • Maine Public Utilities Commission – Water Utilities
    MPUC is the regulatory body for most of the financial operations for public water utilities in Maine. MPUC also regulates some of the operational requirements of those utilities. The site contains information on the regulations and has an extensive database of information on all Maine public and private community water utilities. The site also has a link that allows users to listen to MPUC hearings via the internet.
  • Maine Water Utilities Association
    Site for the Maine Water Utilities Association. MWUA is an organization representing Maine water utilties. Its mission is to educate its members, advocate for the Maine water industry, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas through networking.
  • New England Water Works Association
    The regional branch of the American Water Works Association. It has been serving the Northeast states for over 100 years. Its site offers information on issues from a New England perspective.
  • American Water Works Association
    AWWA is a national organization of public and private water suppliers bolstered by other industry entities including vendors, manufacturers, engineers, consultants, and advocates. The site contains much information on the industry and its issues and offers many resources through its online bookstore.
  • Maine Rural Water Association
    MRWA is a non-profit organization that seeks to aid Maine water utilities (primarily the smaller utilities) through education and operational assistance.
  • National Rural Water Association
    A national organization that seeks to educate and advocate for water utilities in rural areas (such as Maine).
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Groundwater and Drinking Water
    The USEPA Water site contains an abundant supply of resources dedicated to water issues from source to tap. USEPA is the primary regulatory body for public water systems and many regulatory issues or proposed regulatory issues are discussed in detail on the site.
  • Maine Pearl
    The “PEARL” site is the official site for the Senator George Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research at the University of Maine in Orono. The sites contains much detailed research information on Maine lakes, streams, wetlands, and terrestrial systems.
  • United States Geological Survey
    This Maine based site of the United States Geological Survey is an excellent resource for those interested in details and statistics relating to natural water issues in the state. The site also contains excellent resources for teachers and students in the Learning Center link.
  • Maine Municipal Association
    MMA provides services for municipal and quasi-municipal organizations in Maine. Most Maine water utilities are either quasi-municipal districts or departments of the municipality served. MMA provides insight on many common financial, legislative, and human resource issues facing those entities.
  • American Backflow Prevention Association
    ABPA is a national organization promoting information on the specifics of backflow prevention and cross-connection control. These issues are important in the industry to protect public health, but are not well understood by many. ABPA offers insight on many of the issues facing those attempting to administer backflow prevention programs and is an excellent resource for those interested in the subject.
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    The CDC is the federal center for information on health related issues. The site discusses many topics related to drinking water, drinking water safety, and specific ingredients and contaminants found in drinking water sources. The site dispenses advice in an easy to understand format on “hot” topics such as fluoridation of drinking water and pharmaceuticals in drinking water supplies.
  • Seametrics: Drinking Water Guide
    Seametrics is a flow metering manfacturer who producers a variety of different products. They have put together a drinking water guide with facts, statistics and links that is worth checking out.
  • DrinkTap
    DrinkTap is a website built by the American Water Works Association to help better inform consumers on everything from where water comes from and how to protect it, to what’s in it and how to turn it off. DrinkTap is there to help answer your questions about what’s true, and what isn’t.
  • Drinking Water Alliance: Lead
    The discussion of lead in drinking water has come to the forefront across the country. While individual plumbing systems can have their own issues with lead, KWD’s water has been treated for corrosion control and meets the EPA’s lead testing standards. For more information about lead in drinking water please check out this page from the National Drinking Water Alliance.