Water Main Break – 6/18

Dear Customers,

The Kennebec Water District is aware that many customers are experiencing rusty and discolored water. We apologize for this disruption in the normal high-quality service we provide. Our employees are working to address this situation. Although the water looks dirty, we are confident that the water discoloration is not a safety issue.

In the morning of Monday, June 18, 2018, the Kennebec Water District experienced a break in a large water line that crosses the Messalonskee Stream. Because the break was underwater, a significant volume of water was lost before the location of the break was discovered and the water line was shut off.

Several factors combined during this event to cause the discoloration to be more intense and widespread than a routine water line break.

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to a disruption of water quality of this magnitude. Our Operations staff has taken steps to draw clearer water from our treatment facility in Vassalboro into the distribution system and our Water Quality staff are monitoring disinfection and bacteria levels to ensure your safety.

The Kennebec Water District is committed to reliably providing safe drinking water to you each day. Our state of the art treatment facility produces the highest quality water. We have an exceptionally well-trained staff who are professionally licensed by the State of Maine for the delivery of safe drinking water. However, we have many miles of old water line in need of replacement. The work to replace our water lines will take time and financial investment. In the meantime, our staff work each day to minimize the risk of these types of events occurring.

Thank you for your patience.

Yours for safe drinking water,

Roger Crouse, General Manager

Kennebec Water District