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Feb. 21: The maintenance activities at our Water Treatment Plant have been completed and the fluoridation adjustment in our communities’ drinking water has resumed. More Info


We have a broken water main on Kennedy Memorial Drive (KMD) in Waterville near the entrance to the Shaws Plaza. Currently, the entrance lanes into the plaza are blocked.

Incoming traffic is being diverted into one of the outgoing traffic lanes.

Due to the nature of the main break, we anticipate having to shut down water service along KMD from Shaws Plaza west towards Oakland to the car wash/J&S Express Lube at the top of the hill.

Currently, the shut down is scheduled for 4 pm today.

Businesses on both sides of KMD will be impacted. District employees are going door to door alerting impacted businesses.

Neighboring areas may experience lower pressure during this event.

The shut down may last six or more hours. Our apologies for the inconvenience.